This Survey is to determine the interest or need for storage or parking, off lot, for RVs, boat trailers (boats), utility trailers, additional vehicles, and storage sheds, for the owners in Fox Run. Guest RV camping is considered too. Read INFORMATION below.   Check only the boxes that apply to, or for, you!   Include contact info for progress reports, or ask for contact now! 

  I have no interest in "off my lot" storage or parking of any kind.

  I use the HOA parking/storage facilities at our Clubhouse.

  I use public or "other" facilities located away from Fox Run.

       Please check the appropriate boxes in this section.

  I need economical off site space for one or more vehicles as listed above.

  I simply want to rent a simple parking space year to year... Nothing more.

  I am interested in a Fox Lot lease that will reduce my cost, add value to my home, 
       can be sold, and provide for my storage / parking future needs.

       I might like to improve my "Fox Lot" with a car port or cover.

       I might like to improve my "Fox Lot" with a shed (enclosed storage).

       I would like to have electricity at my "Fox Lot".

       I would like to have water at my "Fox Lot".

  I have friends with an RV that would visit me using a guest camping site, if available.


"Fox Lots" are being laid out to provide additional parking / storage facilities for Fox Run owners. Located on Captain Haynes Road, adjacent to Tavares City property, the storage "lots" are being created in two ways. The first is simply single parking spaces (parking lot)which will be rented annually. Owners can park one boat trailer, car, RV,utility trailer, etc. on one of these spaces. There will be several lengths and vary a bit in rent.

The second "Fox Lot" is offered for a single payment, for a long term lease, of 5 or 10 years. Such lease is connected to the lease holder’s lot in Fox Run and will move with a sale, adding value, or may be sold separately to another Fox Run owner. Such a "Fox Lot" will be larger and of sufficient size to park several vehicles, a shed, etc.

RV camping sites are also being considered. One might be used for a work camper who would help with Fox Lots security and maintenance. Others would be for RV guests of Fox Run owners.

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